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Every so often we will be adding a new caption competition here. The rules are simple: Think of the best, wittiest, funniest caption to the picture below and submit it to us.

Please do not submit any profane or otherwise offensive captions. We are allowing submitted captions to appear immediately. Due to the actions of a few, submissions must now be approved before they appear. In order to protect the integrity of the contest, IP addresses are being tracked.

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let me check my myspace messages!!
Posted By: ricky
Sun Jun 22nd - 7:30pm

I think i'll order a delivery of 50ib of venison filet and a case of vodka. and maybe a few cigars.
Posted By: david vezey
Sat Apr 26th - 10:17pm

I wonder how much I can spend before I get caught.
Posted By: Stephani
Fri Mar 28th - 8:48pm

If I keep this up I am going to have Car"paw"l tunnel syndrome.
Posted By: Angela
Fri Mar 28th - 12:47pm

"where the bitches at?"
Posted By: Hooper
Sun Mar 9th - 10:36pm

Mega bites, YEAH RIGHT I have a mega bite compared to this computer!
Posted By: Jose
Sun Jan 6th - 12:57am

I bet I can look at dad's web history and find out what my presents are....hehehe.
Posted By: Paul
Sun Dec 2nd - 8:14am

Skateboard Shmateboard! Look at my stripper video!
Posted By: G. Churchill
Wed Nov 21st - 12:02pm

Did you see that skate boardin bullie? That's nothing compared to my stripper show!
Posted By: G. Churchill
Wed Nov 21st - 12:01pm

Wow! The stuff you find on the internet! Did you see that flasher! More! More! More!
Posted By: Pamela Frades
Wed Nov 21st - 11:50am

Dear Wisa, Did you see me on TV.? They keep referring to me as a bitch! Little do they know!
Posted By: Pamela Frades
Wed Nov 21st - 11:49am

Ok... I voted for myself 1000 times, no excuses... I'VE GOTTA WIN NOW!!!
Posted By: Chief
Tue Oct 30th - 12:28pm

Okay Brutis..head to Heathers place then go get GusGus and then Jiggs and then......
Posted By: Kathy (Brutismom)
Sat Oct 13th - 11:22pm

i have a bulldog who is very comical
Posted By: ginifer
Sat Aug 4th - 9:01am

Checkin my email, checkin my email ..
Posted By: Sushi
Mon Jul 9th - 7:25am

"How do I get that damn picture of my ass out of the bullie butt contest"
Posted By: josh wood
Sat Jul 7th - 8:52pm

W-H-A-T! I just KNEW she was lying when she said that picture was between her and I...How could she post that embarressing shot...Just wait...I think I smelled some NEW shoes and purses here lately...She'll get what's coming to her...Just wait and see. And when she complains on the forum. They'll know it's because she posted that darn picture of me!
Posted By: Darlene Hutt
Tue Apr 10th - 4:55pm

I keep hitting the 'Praise' button but where's my cookie?
Posted By: Burtle
Mon Mar 5th - 12:30pm

He's taking tooo long,let me find it....
Posted By: jodi
Sat Feb 24th - 7:45pm

Oh My God - It's true!! The camera really does add 10 lbs.
Posted By: Susan Moore
Sat Feb 17th - 4:40pm

~give me 5 more minutes...
Posted By: Tonda
Fri Feb 16th - 10:24pm

Posted By: SHERIE
Wed Jan 10th - 10:35am

!@#$#$ Pup-ups!
Posted By: Jenn
Thu Jan 4th - 3:46pm

Hummm...after Christmas we gooooo!!!
Posted By: PollyAnna
Tue Jan 2nd - 9:52pm

Hmmm...female, 2years, black brindle...I see some potential there.
Posted By: Diane
Mon Dec 11th - 11:00am

where's me?
Posted By:
Sat Nov 4th - 11:57pm

How many bitches tagged my dogster account today?
Posted By: Marsha
Wed Sep 20th - 1:45pm

"Finally...high speed internet. No more waiting for my songs to download. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is mine now. By the way, where did they hide the web cam this time?"
Posted By: Big Red Machine
Tue Sep 19th - 7:37pm

I love updating my own MySpace page!
Posted By: Kristine
Tue Sep 19th - 6:20pm

Let's see now, 9/22/06 Whaaaaaaaaat? Nuetering at the vets for whooooooooo?
Posted By: Harley's Dad
Tue Sep 19th - 1:01am

I can't believe my owner runs Windows, primitive humans.
Posted By: mikey
Fri Sep 15th - 8:48pm

I'm hungry. Aplo, Pegidree, Purino. Damn, where's the spell check?
Posted By: mary
Fri Sep 1st - 6:16pm

ill order my own dog food then
Posted By: weoleybull
Sun Aug 27th - 4:25am

Geesh!!! this is taking forever. That lazy man of mine better get XP on here before I put my paw up his *$$
Posted By: kringle
Tue Aug 22nd - 8:53am

Geesh!!! this is taking forever. That lazy man of mine better get XP on here before I put my paw up his *$$
Posted By: Chris
Tue Aug 22nd - 8:53am

Hello everyone. I need some advice. Last night my human sat on the sofa staring at the picture box for a whole hour. Has anyone else had this happen? Should I take him to the doctor?
Posted By: ILoveMyTonka
Thu Aug 17th - 4:47pm

Lets see now Golith is doing what?
Posted By: Jessica Erickson
Thu Aug 17th - 3:51pm

'sup, bitches.
Posted By: LoLoSup
Thu Aug 10th - 1:49am

Do I really look like that?
Posted By: Rachel
Wed Aug 9th - 1:54pm

" edit this 'caring for your bulldog' page..." You must always scratch my tummy every day. You must always bathe me..and scratch behind the ears. If I snore, please don't hold it against me. "There...that's more like it!"
Posted By: Kaye
Wed Aug 9th - 1:53pm

*sigh* I love posting pictures of myself online...
Posted By: Melanie
Wed Aug 9th - 1:49pm

UUUGGGHHH... What did he say about me this time? These people are just going to think I sleep all day with the pictures hes posting of me!
Posted By: Josh
Sat Aug 5th - 11:29pm

Great, now I can post a fake entry about how horrid my owners are to me!
Posted By:
Fri Aug 4th - 9:14am

Medical Forum: Help I swallowed my owners underwear!
Posted By: Nancy
Wed Jul 26th - 7:23pm

google :smelly fart remedy
Posted By: Dana
Fri Jul 21st - 9:10pm

Cool!!! I just sold that cat on E-bay! WooHoo. Can't wait to see his face when his new owners come to pick him up.... BaHahahahaha woof.
Posted By: Family dog
Tue Jul 11th - 5:32pm

Now...on to E-Bay!
Posted By: Angela
Mon Jul 10th - 7:29pm

I just love seeing all the pics of my friends
Posted By: Dave
Sat Jul 8th - 12:22pm

Now were is that hot little number I was looking at.....
Posted By: mookie dun
Wed Jul 5th - 8:39pm

I am tired of James taking all the credit. I am going to let them know who the real webmaster of this site is!
Posted By: Gina
Fri Jun 30th - 8:41pm

Hey this website is wonder my mommy is always glued to this thing for hours!!I should help to add in some posts as well..teehee!
Posted By: BullyLicious
Fri Jun 23rd - 11:04pm

Come on show me the cute boys!!
Posted By: Jillian
Thu Jun 22nd - 11:21am

"Hmmmm, now where was that cute studly Louie? I can surely help him out so he doesn't have to fluff anymore pillows."
Posted By: Heather
Tue Jun 20th - 11:24am

Now that mom is at work, where is Chubbs and Ms Phat E's bathing suit photos...... ooh la la
Posted By: Louie
Mon Jun 5th - 8:03am

"It is now time to do my daily updates on my homepage!"
Posted By: Naomi
Wed May 24th - 2:38pm

Ooo! I thought my dad said bull HORN not bull PORN - wait til mom finds out!! Oh my gosh! RUN!!! Here she comes!
Posted By: h w f
Tue Apr 25th - 6:38pm - now where is that site? I know I saw an XL pillow top bed with those cute little red bones fabric...
Posted By: Pamela Frades
Tue Apr 25th - 11:48am

Wow! This is cool stuff, I hope my boss doesn't see me!!
Posted By:
Tue Apr 25th - 11:43am

(said whilst reading a post from his owners) I DO NOT snore!!
Posted By: Lisa
Sat Apr 22nd - 4:25pm

and hurry up with the coffee...This is thirsty work
Posted By: Lisa
Sat Apr 22nd - 4:22pm

Please tell me I'm bulldog of the month!
Posted By: alison
Thu Apr 20th - 7:11am

Where is that best trained owner catagory ???
Posted By: Clyde Lewis
Tue Apr 18th - 10:30pm

The black queen can go on the red king and ....
Posted By: Gail
Tue Apr 11th - 1:01pm

ok i know i saw my human looking at some cute bullies on here somewhere!!!
Posted By: Dave
Sat Apr 8th - 9:34am

So how many clicks do i do to be "Bullie of the Month"?
Posted By: Stephanie Coulter
Wed Apr 5th - 7:27pm

im 20 .blonde hair blues eyes/36/24/36.looking for similar type male!!!!
Posted By: samantha davies
Mon Apr 3rd - 11:41am

Here we are, Dr. Wilson's office, um, click here to cancel!
Posted By: Jerry Reedy
Sun Apr 2nd - 5:52pm

Mom I'm not shopping online.{now were were those great big bones}
Posted By: Tori
Thu Mar 16th - 3:47pm

"Chat going on now.....hmm...that must be where the ladies are!"
Posted By: Nikki
Sat Mar 4th - 1:15pm

Posted By: Deonne
Fri Feb 24th - 6:08pm

NEW THREAD: over heard my PERSON saying I was going to express my glands tomorrow...Sound artistic..I'm kind of "Excited" hehehe
Posted By: Beth
Thu Feb 23rd - 8:35am

Good...Good...It's working just like we planned...They seem to NOT mind us owning them...And are "bragging" of just that! Humans...And they think THEY are the smarter species...AARRRROOOOO IF THAT DON'T MAKE YA WANNA LAUGH~
Posted By: Darlene Hutt
Wed Feb 15th - 11:34am

I swear I found a site with "Free Treats" somewhere...
Posted By: Brutus
Wed Feb 15th - 10:43am

This online dog dating is cool
Posted By: Boss
Tue Feb 14th - 3:55pm

Oh no!!!Just what I thought!!! They posted that embarrassing picture of me with my tongue sticking out!!
Posted By: Dee
Mon Feb 13th - 9:49am

Now...if I could just find the PETSMART webpage......
Posted By: Jodi
Sun Feb 12th - 3:29pm

Posted By:
Sun Feb 12th - 11:52am

Sittin on my favorite chair, looking at my favorite site, all I need is for the pizza to get here that I ordered with daddy's credit card... I hope mommy and daddy don't realize what I do when they are at work.
Posted By:
Thu Feb 9th - 12:42pm

Now let's see......if I just change the title to "James Domain" we can start taking pictures of our human's butts!
Posted By: Amy Lombardo
Thu Feb 9th - 11:10am

"All I need now is a credit card"
Posted By: Jodi B
Thu Feb 9th - 10:06am

This is just BULL-ony...I can't stand these pop-ups.
Posted By: Erica R.A.
Tue Feb 7th - 10:09am

Let's see what everyone is saying about my latest pictures.
Sun Feb 5th - 12:40pm

Hmmm, ooh - here's one - Single Male Bully looking for Singe Female Bully for bone-shareing, ball-chasing and snuggles. Must be housetrained.
Posted By: Brody the Bulldog
Mon Jan 30th - 10:20pm

What's this Bulldog Domain?? I'm trying to check my stocks!!
Posted By: Lori
Mon Jan 30th - 9:38pm

Ok, I know I saw that good looking hunk with the pink nose somewhere on here.
Posted By: Karen
Sun Jan 29th - 6:45pm

This isn't puppy porn!
Posted By:
Sun Jan 29th - 2:15pm

Now.. where's that handsome Bentley... maybe there's some pics here... OOOH! Now I see why Mama is always on the computer!!
Posted By: Melanie
Sat Jan 28th - 12:48pm

Just another day at the office!
Posted By: James
Sat Jan 28th - 12:19pm