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. . . If you change your Bullie's food, make sure you do so over several meals and several days. Add a few tablespoons of the new food the first time, increasing the amount with each meal until you are feeding only the new food.

Bullies in Action!

The contest has ended. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place - Mocha
Cody and Mojo
Goliath's Pick - Cody and Mojo

Each of the winners received a T-shirt with their Bullie in Action photo imprinted on it.

Click on an image to see a full size picture of the entries.

Bulie 1 - Angel
Bullie 1 - Angel
Bullie 2 Cisko
Bullie 2 - Cisko
"Gimme 10 Cisko!"
Bullie 3 - Bruiser
Bullie 3 - Bruiser
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