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Did you know...
...that you can get your own Bullie on your checks?

Show us your Roast Beef!

What exactly is Bullie Roast Beef? Well, it's alot easier to show you than it is to explain it in words. Goliath was nice enough to oblige us with a demonstration.

Goliath's Roast Beef Shot

Now that you've seen what it is, we'll try to explain it. Bulldogs love to lay on their acks while sleeping. It is not uncommon for the flews to hang down and open when they do this. The pink skin that shows under the flews has often been described as looking like raw roast beef. It sounds odd but if you think about it, we may have something here, huh?

In honor of Bullie Roast Beef, Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain has decided to sponsor a contest showcasing this wonderful "feature" of our Bullies!


First, we want to thank all who participated in the contest. It was great to see all the awesome Bullie Beef shots.

1st Place: Probably no surprise, #11 - "There's enough beef here for an army!" Junior. Way to go! Here is Junior wearing his contest prize:

Junior is his t-shirt

2nd Place: #13 - "I woulda won, but I got hungry and ate some." Tilly. Good Job!

3rd Place: #4 - "This was my idea so why didn't I win?" Sumo Akebono. Congratulations!

Honorable Mention: To all the other entries. Goliath thanks you and says, "Mmmmm...roast beef....."

1st Place receives a T-shirt of their choosing from the Bullie Dog Style online store.

2nd and 3rd Place each receive a window decal of their choice from the Bullie Dog Style online store.

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Gretta Roast Beef 2: J.J. Roast Beef 3: Molly Unable to connect to the database!