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Year-End Photo Contest 2004

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We are pleased to announce Bulldog Domain's 1st Annual Year-End Photo Contest! This contest promises to be our biggest ever. The results are in! Check them out HERE.


Why are we having this contest?
By having this contest, we are hoping to accomplish two very important goals:

  1. To raise money for Bulldog Rescue.
  2. To generate a lot of great Bulldog photos!

With your help we'll accomplish both goals. You can help us by spreading the word about this contest.

What exactly is the Year-End photo contest?
The Year-End contest is a chance to share photos of the greatest dogs in the world with others on the web. In addition, it gives you as a participant a chance to win some great Bulldog items. Since this is a Year-End photo contest, we don't want to limit your creativity to just a single theme or season. For that reason you will be able to enter multiple photos in 1 to 4 categories -- Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In fact you may even be able to enter more than one photo in a given category. See our rules page for more details.

What kind of photos can be entered?
Holiday themed photos are just fine, as are Summer beach photos, indoor photos, riding in the car photos, etc. In case it's not obvious any Bulldog photo is acceptable for the contest - just try to match your entry to a specific season/category. The closer that your photo represents the category it is entered in the more likely you are to win a prize.

How will this contest support rescue?
We hope to raise money for Bulldog rescue by way of optional entry fee donations. We have set $250 as the goal for this contest.

If the fees are optional how do you expect to raise any money?
While it is true that you can enter the contest without an entry fee, we have provided some incentives to make donating an entry fee more attractive to our visitors. For example, those who donate a minimum of $5 per photo will be eligible for the Grand Prize and Tier 1 prizes. See our prizes page for more details.

In addition those who donate at least $5 will receive a CD containing all of the entered photos after the contest has ended. Please see our rules page for more details on entry fees.

How can I enter the contest?
You may submit entries via email to ye2004@bulldogdomain or our web form. Please see the rules page for specifics about entering.


Goal Guage

So far we have collected $434 or 174% of our goal of $250.

Thanks to you, we have raised $184 more than our goal!


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