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In Memory of... / In Memory of Sophie
« Last post by AlabamDeb on December 07, 2017, 01:00:01 PM »
It's been many years since I've visited this board.  I'm sad to say my beloved Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday, November 17, 2017.  10 years, 2 months, and 21 days is how long we were blessed with that precious soul.  It's been almost 3 weeks now and the initial pain has subsided a bit.  Our sweet vet came to the house and administered the drug that would forever release Sophie from her pain, but start us on our's.  She died with her head in my lap and me rubbing her ears and telling her I loved her with a smile on my face.  I made sure not to cry until she was gone.  We knew she was getting old...she was around a year old when we first adopted her, plus the 10+ years she'd been with us.  She had a good life, we made sure of that.  Her last day was filled with everything she loved...a long ride on the side-by-side, all the junk food she ever wanted but was denied (chocolate chip cookies, Doritos, etc.) and all the cuddling she wanted.  I'm so grateful for the time we had with her.  She was the best friend and companion we could have ever asked for.  We loved her SO much.  My husband and I feel a little guilty because we have grieved over her more than the humans we've lost, but she was just that much a part of our family.

We will never forget you, Sophie!  Run free now, sweet girl!  Mom & Dad love you, Boo-Boo!
In Memory of... / There was an accident...Gummi has passed over
« Last post by Gummis Dad on June 28, 2016, 10:43:44 AM »
Gummi were my dream come true old man.  I'm sorry I failed you.  But I can't tell your story without talking about my past.

When I was a child I had an aunt with a bulldog.  I fell in love with the breed and dreamed of having a bulldog as my dog.

I got my wish and was the happiest kid ever...for 1 glorious year Samson was my best friend.  I had no idea about the health limitations of bulldogs.  My first dog ever died of heat stroke on my lap in a car with no A/C on the way to our lake home.

His death is scorched into my memory...

I was mother didn't know what to do.  Her solution was to get me another bulldog puppy.  She did so on short notice and took a leftover pup from a recent litter.

He was a medical disaster and I learned what a hermaphrodite was because of him.  Poor Bully was sweet but smart as hell.  I remember him pretending to sleep so that our cat would come down off the high furniture and investigate.  As soon as that cat smelled him he sloooowly stood up and followed her.  That is one of my favorite memories of his brief time with me.
He died at 6 months during his spay/neuter surgery due to complications with his hermaphrodite status.

Once again I was devastated...and I told my family no more dogs.  I couldn't bear anymore pain.

And so it was a boy who loved dogs with all his heart grew up without one.

I was 27 years old when I decided it was time to try again (specifically it was after seeing Wyatt and Doc of the Sprague family that motivated me) Nicole and I were dating at the time.  We knew it was serious and decided to start our family with a fur baby.
I decided to give bulldogs 1 more shot.  I researched all I could and was prepared.  I swore this time around I would do everything in my power to care for the special health considerations.  I would balance out the bad I had done and make it right with this next bulldog. 

I spent a long time researching blood lines and speaking with breeders.  I eventually settled on what I determined was a healthy line (Ocobo if you are curious with no cross/line breeding).

**Quick aside here**
I was lucky...the research proved true. 
Gummi had a great respiratory system...probably the best from bulldogs I have known.
When Gummi was a puppy I would panic and check his breath all the time...he didn't snore or make typical bulldog noises all the time!  As an adult he snored more frequently but there were still times I checked on him to make sure he was actually breathing
Gummi was able to go on hikes as well...he could do the 2.5 mile loop at Lake Elizabeth with Nicole and I (for people unfamiliar with bulldogs...bulldogs are usually gassed after a walk around the block)

Close friends and family may remember we sent an email on 12/1/2006 announcing that Nicole and I had started our family (thanks for saving everything gmail...I have tears in my face as I read the original with his puppy pics)

I was in law school when we got him and friends and family can confirm I had no time for anything else.  My life was law school/Nicole and nothing else at the time.

Nicole and I were doing the long term relationship thing at the time but Gummi was always with me while I was at law school. 

He looked big and tough but at heart he was a scared softy at heart.  Even as a 65lb adult his safe spot was still in my lap while all the craziness of the house went on around him.
I have many videos of Gummi on my youtube channel.  I started it for that specific purpose.  Like I said...Gummi was our first kid. 

Gummi was my best friend and constant companion.

I took him for lots of walks

We did obedience 1 and 2 classes (a bulldog that knows "BANG" and can play dead...I was very proud of Gummi for that)
We did agility at the parks

Even though he was my dog and my attempt at bulldog karma redemption I was glad to see Nicole loved him just as much

Every major adult memory I have includes a Gummi sidenote.
-When I asked Nicole to marry me Gummi was nipping at our feet
-After we got married and moved into our own apt Gummi was part of the search
-When we moved cross country to start my career Gummi was with us
He got his own bed at motel stops

We got there before our furniture and Gummi claimed our bed while we unpacked

-We added Sophie to our family with the intent of giving Gummi a playmate (she dominated him and it didn't go as planned...sorry Gummi)

-Gummi experienced Snowmageddon in the DC area with us
-Gummi was there when we had our first child
-Gummi was with me for the cross country drive back to CA
-Gummi was with me when we bought our first home and finally settled down

-Gummi was with me when our second child was born
-Gummi was there when Sophie died last summer...his mere presence helped me pull through it.  I started spoiling him with people food around this time (Nicole says I broke him because he was well trained and behaved previously)

Gummi had more than filled the hole in my heart from my childhood.  I had done everything right by him and he was heading into his senior years.
He was an amazingly healthy bulldog with none of the typical issues.
Gummi spent most of his time sleeping but still perked up when guests came over or I gave him bones to play with in the backyard.
He was my constant companion while I worked late hours.

I had recently started telling friends and family that old man Gummi had outlived all my other bulldogs combined (Samson-1 Bully-6 months Sophie-6 years)

And pain

We were on a family vacation when the accident happened.  We were enjoying our lake home...something we had done many times before

This is my last photo of Gummi...taken the day before

I left Gummi with my dad to take a day trip with Nicole and the kids to visit Safari West.

While we were away my dad took Gummi down to the boat dock to keep him company for his morning coffee.

I don't know how it happened....I have nightmare images swirling in my mind imagining though.

On June 26th 2016 Gummi fell off the dock into the lake...

I don't know if he drowned or if his heart gave out due to panic and shock while he was struggling.

All I know is my poor sweet Gummi died a horrible death.  He died alone in a state of terror.

I will never get that out of my soul... 

I swore I would do right this time.  I am so sorry I failed you Gummi.

There will be no more bulldogs for me.  You helped me heal the guilt of Samson and the loss of Bully but no other bulldog could ever hope to fix this gaping hole.

I love you Gummi Bear.  I miss you Gummi Bear.  I'm sorry I failed you and I was not there...

Immediate Health Issues / Spina bifida
« Last post by isabella5 on May 02, 2016, 09:38:42 PM »
I have a six year old female with Spina bifida. She was diagnosed at OSU when she was just two months old. They told me she would be paralyzed before she turned a year old. Well she has been fine other than a little limp until about six months ago. Now all of a sudden she'll be walking and her back legs will go limp and she has to drag her back legs. This usually happens when she gets excited about something or tries to run. I'll tell her to stop and she pulls her legs back under her and then most of the time she can then walk ok. It's like she has to really concentrate on walking and then she's alright. Is there anyone else with this problem? Also she has control when she has to urinate but she can't tell when she has to have a bowl movement so I have her on WD food so it's easy to pick up. I'm hoping someone has something I can do for her. Thanks, Donna
General Health Discussion / Aging Bulldog
« Last post by nluoma on April 18, 2016, 11:12:32 PM »
I have a question as this is my first time dealing with an aging dog. My buddy skeeter is alil over 9 1/2 years old and this winter he has drastically declined and is starting to slow down alot. I am wondering what is to be expected and when I should start to be concerned. At his fall vet appointment my vet commented on he being a very old bulldog and that he was well for his age certain things are to be expected. Of course he is slower moving, and his eyes are starting to cloud over, i thought he had some doggy dementia because he acts odd barking at nothing and sleeping in area's he had never before. But the last couple months he has seemed to not want to get up in the morning i have to force him to wake up to go to the bathroom, and is eating about 1/2 of what he use to and always at night. There are some days where he is like a puppy again, but more often than not he is just sorta blah i guess is a good way to put it. I try to get him for a car ride and just lays, the only excitement is when my brother brings his puppy to come visit him and that he will spend the next day or 2 sleeping so they have been visiting often. He is rarely home alone during the day or at all. I need to make an appointment for shots coming up not sure what to think looking for some guidance if things are normal or if i should get him in sooner.
Immediate Health Issues / Re: Meet Chopper
« Last post by Pudgy on September 09, 2015, 01:24:01 PM »

And lastly, one of the most recent pics.  I've been working on some of his behavior issues.  The past few months he's been barking in the middle of the night for no reason, I finally purchased a citronella bark collar and we have been going on short walks in the evening to tire him out before bed.  I've also added melatonin at night to help him sleep and relax.  It's been working so far and we are all finally getting some rest.
Immediate Health Issues / Re: Meet Chopper
« Last post by Pudgy on September 09, 2015, 01:20:13 PM »

A more recent pic after a visit to the groomers to get his nails trimmed since he wont let me near them.  They have been neglected so we're working on getting the quicks trimmed back slowly.
Immediate Health Issues / Re: Meet Chopper
« Last post by Pudgy on September 09, 2015, 01:13:58 PM »
I still have Chopper, and luckily my bulldog community did pull through with the funding and have been able to help a lot with the vet bills.  It took a lot to get him back up to health with the initial vet visits.  It's been over six months now while his skin condition is completely under control, placing a senior bulldog has been difficult especially since he needs daily medications which cost around $100 a month.  He also has a few behavioral quirks which makes him slightly difficult to handle at times, and he would be better suited as a only dog with no kids.  So I still haven't found him a home, he does okay with Kayla my alpha female but he will pick on my more submissive girl Fiona.  So they do get supervised time together but for the most part they are separated.

Here's a before and after, he has yeasty skin, without the meds he just gets extremely yeasty and yucky to the point where his whole body is red and inflamed and he scratches himself raw.  this pic was actually after a few medicated baths, so he looks better.
Immediate Health Issues / Re: Meet Chopper
« Last post by khybeemaow on August 10, 2015, 07:54:55 PM »
Oh my gosh. I haven't been on here in forever. What's going on with Chopper? Did you get funding?
In Memory of... / Sophie Bear has crossed over
« Last post by Gummis Dad on August 10, 2015, 03:18:32 PM »

Good bye my sweet sweet Sophie Bear.  You will always be my forever puppy.  6+ years and you never lost your love of play or meeting new faces until these final few days. 

You had typical bulldog health issues your entire life.  We battled respiratory and palette and allergies, but nothing compared to our fight against glomerulonephritis followed by kidney

It came out of nowhere...and it drained you of your boundless puppy energy slowly but surely. 

One day your stomach was severely bloated and we feared gastric torsion and rushed you to the vet.  After numerous tests and a trip to see a specialist for an ultrasound they couldn't tell me what you had.  But they could tell me it wasn't gastric torsion.  In my ignorance I was happy.  I had no idea what this kidney journey would become

Kidney failure by itself is treatable.  You can inject fluids and try to flush toxins out of the system.  Some dogs are able to continue for years if they stick to a special kidney diet.
Unfortunately if you combine kidney failure with glomerulonephritis and get to experience a nightmare in super speed.  Glomerulonephritis causes massive protein loss which in turn causes fluid loss (the source of her original bloating).  Due this condition we could NOT treat you with IVs to flush your kidneys.

Your blood work on day 1 was normal.
Your blood work 1 week later was a BUN of 93 and a CREA of 3.7...full blown stage 3 kidney failure...not far from end stage levels
The vet said you had about 1 week left on 7/31/15 and to spoil you with whatever we want.
I gladly accepted the extra time

Oh the miracle of cerenia.  I stole an extra week of quality love using that medication. 

We did all your favorites

-Ball/Hungry Hippo

-Fed you anything and everything under the sun if you showed the slightest interest

But kidney failure will always win in the end...

It was difficult watching you refuse food at the end...rotisserie chicken (your favorite) and rib eye steaks and even bacon could not tempt you to eat.  And if you didn't eat I couldn't get the cerenia in your system to keep the vomiting at bay.  I tried forcing the pills down your throat then refused to do it again.  You didn't want them.

I wanted to be selfish and hold on as long as I could.  I love you so much my sweet little Sophie.  But last night I saw you take a turn for the worse and would not let you suffer.  I stayed by your side all night as you fought back gag after gag.  You did an awesome job Sophie.  You didn't have any accidents. 

But I could also see the zest for life was gone.  Your life was a struggle to hold back the toxins building in your body followed by short periods of sleep. 

I stayed by your side all night and took you in to the vet first thing today.  The last thing you did was turn your head in my direction after the drugs were administered as if to look for my help 1 last time.

I was there Sophie.  I will always be here for you Sophie.

I love you with all my heart and it aches terribly with your passing.
Bulldog General / Re: We lost Bubba
« Last post by khybeemaow on July 20, 2015, 12:30:52 AM »
I am so sorry to hear about Bubba. He was one of the originals here on the domain.

RIP Bubba and thank you for all the pictures and funny stories. You'll be missed big guy  :-*
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