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Spina bifida
« on: May 02, 2016, 09:38:42 PM »
I have a six year old female with Spina bifida. She was diagnosed at OSU when she was just two months old. They told me she would be paralyzed before she turned a year old. Well she has been fine other than a little limp until about six months ago. Now all of a sudden she'll be walking and her back legs will go limp and she has to drag her back legs. This usually happens when she gets excited about something or tries to run. I'll tell her to stop and she pulls her legs back under her and then most of the time she can then walk ok. It's like she has to really concentrate on walking and then she's alright. Is there anyone else with this problem? Also she has control when she has to urinate but she can't tell when she has to have a bowl movement so I have her on WD food so it's easy to pick up. I'm hoping someone has something I can do for her. Thanks, Donna