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Finally resting in peace
« on: August 10, 2011, 08:49:24 AM »
Hello all

I've been away from the board for so long, and so sad to have to come back with sad news.  :'(
my heart is completly broken and I feel empty inside.  Caesar was diagnosed and has been dealing with congestive heart failure since April, and was forced to give up his fight yesterday morning.   :'(  I knew the day was going to come that the medicine wouldn't be enough anymore but my heart still wasn't prepared to let him go.  The past week he went downhill so fast....he seemed so disorientated and he couldn't hold his bladder anymore.  I couldn't let him up in bed with me anymore because of his arthritits, so he had been sleeping by the side of my bed on blankets...I woke up at 4 am yesterday morning and found him sitting up struggling to breathe...his belly was bloated with fluid so I knew it was time  :'( I can't stop crying as I type this.  I laid him down and laid next to him petting him until the vet's office opened at 7 (I didn't want to take him to the er vet because I wanted his actual dr to be the one to do it.) It took me an hour to get him from my apartment to the car because he had such a hard time moving around  :'(  I got him to the vet hoping there was something they could do but she assured me his time had come.  His organs were surrounded by fluid and couldnt be drained...his heart had developed an arithmia and blood wasn't circulating properly.  My boyfriend and I spent an hour with him on the floor in the room, he kissed my boyfriend goodbye and I held him the entire time until he was gone.  I still don't know how I did it. I had him creamated and I can't wait to have him home next week  :'(
I know chloe misses him so I am trying to give her extra love and playtime but I can't stop crying...I don't want her to be sad or stressed but it is just the hardest thing. I will miss him so much every single day, waiting at the window for me to get home to scratch his ears and hiney.  :'(  so much pain.  I just wanted to share with you guys who have been so helpful to us over his 8 years.  Hug and kiss your babies today!