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RIP Buddha
« on: August 12, 2011, 08:39:23 AM »
Buddha passed away in his sleep this morning.   :'( :'(   

Last night was rough for him.  He did sleep for a bit after we got back from the vet.  I was able to get him outside to potty but while we were out he kept pacing in circles.  I eventually had to carry him back in cause he wouldn't walk in any other direction.  I was able to hand feed him some dinner but you could tell he was having trouble.  He settled down for a little bit but it wasn't long before he was back up pacing in circles again.  Jer came home early as he had to work day shift today.  The vet had given us a sedative in case Buddha couldn't get comfy so around 11:30PM we gave it to him.  He fell asleep pretty quickly which made me happy...he hadn't slept much the past few days.  I got up to check on him around 3AM and he was still snoring away.  When we got up at 6AM we discovered that he had passed away.

We are heartbroken and are going to miss him so much.  We know deep down that this is for the best though.  He was obviously in a lot of pain and there was something seriously wrong.  We were very lucky to have him for over 10 years.

Thank you to everyone for your friendship, advise and well wishes over the past 10 years.  We learned so much from everyone here. 
Niki, Jeremy & Zeus
RIP my sweet Buddha