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Anal Glands
« on: January 27, 2012, 04:46:25 PM »
I have a nasty bulldogs anal glands have expressed themselves several times one their own, the latest time being this morning at 2:30am. I was woken up by him jumping up really quick and starting the lick the blanket on the bed, within a sec. the unmistakable anal glad smell hit me and I threw off the blanket as quickly as I could and washed down his rear. Is this normal for it to just happen like that?? He has done this at least 3 times....the last two about a month apart. I had his glands expressed about 3 months ago by the vet when we were there for some allergy and skin issues. They said that they were great and didn't get much from them. I also see him express a tiny bit (which I read was totally normal and what should be happening) every time he goes poo. Just seems strange to me and of course is very gross that they are randomly going off.