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Sophie Bear has crossed over
« on: August 10, 2015, 03:18:32 PM »

Good bye my sweet sweet Sophie Bear.  You will always be my forever puppy.  6+ years and you never lost your love of play or meeting new faces until these final few days. 

You had typical bulldog health issues your entire life.  We battled respiratory and palette and allergies, but nothing compared to our fight against glomerulonephritis followed by kidney

It came out of nowhere...and it drained you of your boundless puppy energy slowly but surely. 

One day your stomach was severely bloated and we feared gastric torsion and rushed you to the vet.  After numerous tests and a trip to see a specialist for an ultrasound they couldn't tell me what you had.  But they could tell me it wasn't gastric torsion.  In my ignorance I was happy.  I had no idea what this kidney journey would become

Kidney failure by itself is treatable.  You can inject fluids and try to flush toxins out of the system.  Some dogs are able to continue for years if they stick to a special kidney diet.
Unfortunately if you combine kidney failure with glomerulonephritis and get to experience a nightmare in super speed.  Glomerulonephritis causes massive protein loss which in turn causes fluid loss (the source of her original bloating).  Due this condition we could NOT treat you with IVs to flush your kidneys.

Your blood work on day 1 was normal.
Your blood work 1 week later was a BUN of 93 and a CREA of 3.7...full blown stage 3 kidney failure...not far from end stage levels
The vet said you had about 1 week left on 7/31/15 and to spoil you with whatever we want.
I gladly accepted the extra time

Oh the miracle of cerenia.  I stole an extra week of quality love using that medication. 

We did all your favorites

-Ball/Hungry Hippo

-Fed you anything and everything under the sun if you showed the slightest interest

But kidney failure will always win in the end...

It was difficult watching you refuse food at the end...rotisserie chicken (your favorite) and rib eye steaks and even bacon could not tempt you to eat.  And if you didn't eat I couldn't get the cerenia in your system to keep the vomiting at bay.  I tried forcing the pills down your throat then refused to do it again.  You didn't want them.

I wanted to be selfish and hold on as long as I could.  I love you so much my sweet little Sophie.  But last night I saw you take a turn for the worse and would not let you suffer.  I stayed by your side all night as you fought back gag after gag.  You did an awesome job Sophie.  You didn't have any accidents. 

But I could also see the zest for life was gone.  Your life was a struggle to hold back the toxins building in your body followed by short periods of sleep. 

I stayed by your side all night and took you in to the vet first thing today.  The last thing you did was turn your head in my direction after the drugs were administered as if to look for my help 1 last time.

I was there Sophie.  I will always be here for you Sophie.

I love you with all my heart and it aches terribly with your passing.

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