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Have you ever wondered...
. . . why do people say things like, "He so ugly that he's cute."????

Fun Bullie Stuff
At Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain, one of our primary goals is to provide lots of fun Bulldog contests, information, and media for you to enjoy. To that end, we have compiled a menu of Fun Bullie Stuff below. Enjoy!


Current Contests

From time to time we also sponsor various types of one-time contests. Look here for the latest contest.

Monthly Contests

Each month at the Bulldog Domain, we sponsor several recurring contests. Below are the current monthly recurring contests. Check them out and be sure to vote! Discuss the current contests here.

Past Contests

Look here to see past contests that we have sponsored.

The G-Man

In this section we feature Goliath's Fun Stuff. You will find links to his videos, his wallpaper, and his journal among other things. Stop back often for the latest G-Dog specific information and media.



Below you will find links to Goliath's BBPAs. What exactly is a BBPA? A BBPA is a Bullie Buddy Photo Album. BBPAs are created and maintained by a friend of Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain.

Visit our BBPAs here.

questioning girlWanna get your own BBPA? Click HERE.