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Goliath Says
"Keep recent photos of your dog, taken from different angles that clearly show coat type and coloring, close-ups of the face and any exceptional physical characteristics."

Welcome to Gbay! Gbay is Goliath's listing of available items for auction. Our auctions are placed on and managed by eBay. These are not private auctions, so anyone who can access eBay can also access and participate in our auctions. When you click on one of the items, a new window will open directly to the eBay site.

Please remember that ALL proceeds from the sale of any items listed here will be donated to our current featured Bulldog rescue organization.

Funds Raised
Money raised for Rescue to date through Gbay for 2005: $0.00

Gbay Featured Rescue Organization

Currently our auctions are supporting Bullie Angels Rescue of Ohio. This is a respected rescue group that truly puts the Bulldog first.

"Our goal is to make sure that the next home is a final home for the bully by interviewing families and verifying that they meet our standards. We provide continued support to ensure successful placements and a quick adjustment to the new environment.".

In additon our most recent quilt auction raised money for Buddies Thru Bullies.

Featured Items

Prints: Donated by Cesar Yanez Studios from

These are limited edition (1000) prints. They are 18"H X 12"W (including white border).

"Just Me & My Dad"
Just Me & My Dad
"What dreams are made of"
What dreams are made of print


Handmade Quilts: Donated by Bulldog Domain site members

Handmade tie quilts. These multi-color quilts with hand sewn Bulldog silhouettes are made of 100% polor fleece.. They measure approximately 3 feet by 4 1/2 feet. Quilts are machine washable using the gentle cycle. Auctions starting soon!

Bulldog Quilt One
Bulldog Quilt One
Click picture for larger view
Bulldog Quilt Two
Bulldog Quilt Two
Click picture for larger view


Current/Recent Auctions

Look for the first auctions to appear in the next few days.

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