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Goliath Says:
"In an emergency or if there is ever any doubt about your Bullie's health, always seek the advice of your veterinarian."

- A Bulldog's Life

08.07.2003 - Guess what? I almost got hold of that "Fancy Pants"! Can you believe it? Here's what happened. Well you know how he is always walking in front of the doorway or sitting there staring at me from behind the window? Well today Daddy was taking me outside to do my thing. We got to the back door and Daddy opened it. I couldn't believe my eyes. There he was. He was sitting not 10 feet from the door with his back to us.

Well, he turned around and took one look at me froze for a split second. Then he took off running as fast as he could. I took off too. I am fast, but not fast enough - he got away :(

I bet he never comes back in the yard again! Here is the funniest part. I heard Daddy telling Mommy about it and he said that he didn't think a cat could make an "Oh sh**!" face, but Fancy Pants certainly did when he saw me coming at him.

Until next time. Bullie hugs to everyone!

05.10.2003 -
I am so excited! Daddy just posted a new video for me.  It is me playing a dual-role.  I don't want to give it away but Daddy named the video TGBU.  What the heck?!??  You better go check it out find out what TGBU is all about. You can see my new movie here.

04.30.2003 -
I am sick :(  I woke up this morning with a running nose, extra phlegm and a cough.  The vet says I have an upper respiratory infection, so I am taking Cephaplexin.   Boy does that stuff stink!  Daddy says that my friends PJ, Dozer, Rascal, Chalmer, Mojo, and maybe even Farcus and Elsa are sick too!  I am gonna go rest now.  Everbullie get well soon!

04.28.2003 -
It's the day after Bullie Fest and I am still exhausted.  I met tons of great people and Bullies!  Daddy put some pictures of the event up in a BBPA.  There is a link on the main page.  Back to Bullie Fest - there was all kinds of great food for people and the Bullies.  We had contests and I won 3 awards!  Can you believe that? Let's see, I got one for Best Glob O' Slobber, Best Trick, and Best Dramatic Scene.  I made Daddy promise to put up some video of that.  That's about all I can type for now, because I am still very tired.  Talk to you all soon!

04.19.2003 -
Tomorrow is Easter. Daddy and Mommy are taking me to Grandma's house for the day.  I hope I get some ham....mmmmmm ham....*drool*

It has been raining the last few days so I haven't had much chance to get outside. That makes me mad because I've started to see Fancy Pants outside a lot more lately.  Oh yeah, in case you don't remember, Fancy Pants is the neighborhood grey cat who wanders around like he's the king or something.  He's not so tough...he runs every time he sees me.  I guess that makes him smart, in some small way.  Don't get me wrong, I think he's a jerk, but at least he knows enough to steer clear of me.

Daddy told me that the Bullie Buttshot Contest is going well. There are 24 entries.  I haven't seen so much butt since Daddy let me walk under the bleachers at a softball game.  Between you and me though, Bullies have better looking butts than people.

03.07.2003 -
I have to apologize to you all.  I have not been keeping up with this journal like I should.  Sorry guys!  First I want to say that Daddy has been busy hogging the computer lately with all the new contests and things.  I guess that's okay. 

I am looking forward to meeting some new friends at Bullie Fest 2003!  I will ask Daddy to get some video and lots of pictures so that he can put them up on the site.  Oh yeah, Bullie Fest 2003 is in April. 

That's all for now.  Bullie kisses to all! 

01.18.2003 -
It sure has been a long time since I have written in my journal.  I am sorry.  Daddy has been very busy hogging the computer lately.  He has been working on the new discussion forum which turned out very cool!  There are going to be a few new contests and special features coming up for the site too so keep checking back.  Daddy and Mommy got some neck pillows because they ordered a magazine.  When I saw them using them I decided I had to try one myself.  Daddy put it on me and then he just laughed because I love to wear it.  He promised some pictures for the web site very soon.  I know you will like the pictures almost as much as I like the neck pillow.

12.01.2002 -
My birthday was November 26th.  It was pretty fun.  I got to eat one of my favorite foods for supper - Cesar's.  My favorite is lamb and rice.  It comes in a little plastic package and is supposed to be for "small" dogs.  Don't tell anyone I like it so much! 

I got a lot of toys too.  I got a brand new huge Nyla Bone.  I also got a glow in the dark Buddy Ball.  It is awesome!  I have already started making a hole in it though.  Then Grandma gave me two rubber balls that are not really balls.  I know, I know.  I will put up some pictures soon so you can understand what I mean. 

Before I forget, congratulations to Oliver and Winston who are the December Bulldogs of the Month.  Way to go guys!  Daddy says there were over 3000 votes.  I am not sure what a vote is exactly, but I do know that a lot of them is good.

11.17.2002 -
Bullie Boot Camp. I have been sent to Bullie Boot Camp against my will. Oh, you aren't familiar with that? I guess I can explain. Daddy says that I have been getting a bit too possessive of my things. Well they are my things aren't they? Daddy and Mommy say no. I guess I am not supposed to growl at them if they want to have a look at my bone or if they think it's time for me to get off the bed. I am supposed to let them tell me what to do as long as they are fair. I suppose that makes sense.

Anyway, this Bullie Boot Camp thing means that they will be treating me like a little puppy again for a while...hrrmmph! They will be keeping all of the toys and if I am good they will let me play with them. When I am done, they will put the toys away for me.

I was kinda mad about this at first, but I think it's a good idea in the end. After all I am very strong and could hurt someone if I lose my cool. I know what you're thinking..."How could a Bullie as cool as Goliath ever lose his cool?" Stranger things have happened. You should see me when I get around that darn fancy pants!

The Vikings beat the Packers today! Aaaahoooo!

11.13.2002 -
Daddy came home today! Oh, I guess I should explain. Daddy had to fly to California for his work. I had no idea that Daddy could fly! He hides his wings very well.

Mommy and I stayed home while Daddy was gone for almost 4 whole days! Mommy doesn't play the same way Daddy does, so I have to be a little gentler with her. Sometimes I let her "win" and drop the toy so she can throw it for me to go chase. Once I pulled too hard and she fell right off the couch! I hope that she doesn't tell Daddy about that...then again, if she is gonna play, she had better go all out. None of this, TV watching, couch-sitting,
half-paying attention stuff. Tug-of-War is very serious business! I am sure my Bullie friends would agree.

It is starting to get cold outside here in Minnesota. You know what that means? One word - Mutt-Luks. Maybe that's two words, huh? Anyway, I don't like them. Daddy says something about how it keeps my feet safe from
chemicals used to melt ice. I don't even know what "chemicals" means.

Running in the snow
Goliath running in the snow.

I heard him talking to Mommy the other night about getting some video of the way I walk in those darn Mutt-Luks. He thinks it is very funny. How embarrassing! There is not much I can do about it I guess, so you may as well keep an eye on the web site for the "Premiere" of my Mutt-Luks video.

That's all for now. I don't want to give myself CPS. For those not so hip on the abbreviation scene, CPS is Carpal Paw Syndrome. ;-)

- First, I 'd like to say congratulations to Spike. He was voted Goliath's November Bulldog of the Month. Way to go Spike!

Halloween was not as fun as we'd hoped. It was very cold out so not too many kids were out in the neighborhood. Plus the street light was out so hardly any came down our street. After I got tired, Mommy and Daddy went to the movies to see "The Ring". Boy did Mommy ever come back home scared! She is taking the day off today so I will stay home with her to keep her safe. Based on the affect the movie had on Mommy, I think you can call it scary. Go check it out

10.13.2002 - The Vikings won today! Daddy made us some steak to celebrate. Mommy doesn't really like steak (I know, I can't believe it either!), so she had a pizza. I didn't mind at all since that means more steak for me....mmmmm....t-bones.....

10.05.2002 -
It sure has been a long time since I wrote in my journal. Daddy has been very busy lately so I haven't got much computer time lately. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy took me to a park in Wisconsin today. It is a really neat place. It is called Buena Vista Park. To get there we had to drive up a long and winding road to the top of a bluff. We had a picnic and grilled cheese dogs....mmmmm, cheese dogs *drool*....

Oh yeah, the park was neat, we walked out on a rock and we could look out on the Mississippi river valley. We thought we would see some pretty neat fall colors but we were a bit early I guess. Even so we had fun. I was the hit of the day. Everyone, and I mean everyone, just had to stop to pet me and talk baby talk to me. We met a cool long haired Dachshund named Duffy and a couple of bikers who really dug my black leather collar and leash.

I think Mommy and Daddy really love to hear people comment about me. They always seem more than happy to tell people about me and the things I do. I am glad they love me so much.

Enough typing for now.  All that people greeting wiped me out. I need a nap.

09.20.2002 - Mommy and Daddy found me a new toy today. They call it a tennis ball. I love to chase it around. But you know what I like even more? Grabbing it in my teeth and running up to Mommy or Daddy and dropping it at their

Pepe Olivares
Goliath's brother,
Pepe Olivares

feet and daring them to be quick enough to take it before I do. I usually win because I am so fast. Well, that's what Mommy and Daddy say. But I heard them talking one day when they didn't think I was listening...I snuck up and was hiding behind my big bag of Nutro. Mommy said something like "...he really likes it." Then Daddy said, "Yeah, that's why I let him grab it first most of the time." Now I don't know for sure...but that sounds fishy to me. What do you think? Maybe they were talking about my brother Pepe Olivares. He is a painted turtle, so maybe they were talking about letting him eat lettuce. I'll get to the bottom of this someday.

09.08.2002 -
It was hot today. You know that kinda hot where Bullies just want

Goliath Sleeping
Goliath doing one of
his favorite things.

to sleep in a cool place? Wait a minute.....Bullies want to do that all the time. Anyway it was very hot today, so I spent the day inside. Daddy and Mommy worked in the yard again. I asked Daddy to keep an eye out for that darn grey cat but I am not sure I can count on Daddy. Don't get me wrong, I love Daddy, but he just doesn't understand the full impact of what  that fancy pants has been doing around here and what he is responsible for. Hopefully Daddy will come in to get me so I can have a go at 'old prancer'. On second thought it is kinda warm out and I am kinda tired.....maybe .... I'll just close my eyes......for a second or two.... .zzzzz.

09.03.2002 -
Well, I ran outside to play today and promptly freaked out! Apparently Mommy and Daddy dedcided to make some changes in the backyard landscaping without my permission. I was happily running around, minding my own business when out of nowhere - a big concrete retaining wall appeared. I didn't know it was a wall at the time, of course. My barking and growling had no affect on the big brown monster and I proceeded to flip out unitl Daddy walked over to it to assure me that it was safe. He said, "Come see," which lets me know that it's okay to come sniff or check something out - you know, give my seal of approval. Anyway, I wish that they wouldn't make big changes like that without consulting me first.

- Daddy tells me that more and more people are visiting my website. I am glad. We have even had a visitor from Australia! Toffee is my new friend from Australia. You can check out Toffee's picture in my Friends Album .

We have a long weekend together coming up. Three days. I think I will ask Daddy if we can go fishing. Yes it rained last time we tried to go....we have had such bad luck lately with rain. It makes me wonder if that fancy pants cat is really not grey but black....makes you go hmmmm, doesn't it?

08.22.2002 - Tomorrow Daddy is taking me fishing. I really like riding in the boat. If I can talk Daddy into it, I will have him take some pictures of me in the boat with my life jacket. It's gonna be heard to sleep tonight. Mmmmm.....walleye.....

- Well the "prancer" was at it again. I was minding my own business watching people and cars go past the house through the front screen. Suddenly that grey cat came sauntering past, not oven 3 feet from the door! I barked at him. He just stopped and sat there grooming himself. He totally ignored my barking and growling. I am not quite tall enough to reach the door handle, but make no mistake I will find a way to get that door open one day. Yeah you just keep grooming yourself pretty boy!

08.19.2002 - Well, we were going to go fishing and swimming today, but there was a problem. The Blazer somehow got a nail stuck in one of the back tires. So of course we had to take the truck in and by the time they got it fixed, it was too late to go. I wonder how the nail got into the tire... I bet it was that crazy grey cat from next door. He is always prancing around here. "Mr. Fancy Pants" is gonna get his soon enough, you wait and see.

08.18.2002 -
Today we are going to relax most of the day. It sure does feel good to sleep in my own bed again. I was nice enough to let Mommy and Daddy sleep in the bed with me too last night. If it's nice tomorrow, we are going to take the boat to the river for some fishing and maybe even swimming. I hope I am ready for it.

08.17.2002 -
We just got back form our trip to Nevis, MN. We stayed at a cabin in the woods for one week. We took fishing trips in the boat and I made some new friends. I even learned to swim! I am not sure that I like swimming very much - we'll have to see when I get a chance to try it again. Pretty soon we will be putting up some pictures from our trip and maybe some video of me swimming!

- It rained kinda hard last night. I am not sure if like thunder or not. It makes me think someone is trying to get into the house and so I start barking. Then Daddy has to explain that it's OK and not to worry. The sky is still pretty cloudy today and I guess it may rain again. I hope not, otherwise I can't try swimming today. My Ruff Wear life jacket fits perfectly. I guess I'll just wear it around the house today until Mommy and Daddy get the idea

08.03.2002 - Mommy and Daddy came back today. My uncle Andrew has been taking care of me for the last two days. My ear is getting better. I has been itching lately, but Daddy has been giving me medicine. If it is nice tomorrow Mommy and Daddy are going to take me swimming. I hope I am not a big chicken! Mmmmm.....chicken.......

07.30.2002 -
Well Mommy is home now, but we got some bad news about her aunt. She passed away early this morning. Daddy has to go to work so I am going to stay here with Mommy and do the best I can to make her feel better. I hope she likes my bullie kisses!

- Mommy comes home today! It's too hot here today so I think I will be staying home when Daddy goes to pick her up. I like riding in the car but when it's too hot I can't go with. At least not until they get the A/C working again in the Blazer. Hurry up guys! I guess I can watch the Pet Psychic make an absolute fool of herself. Does she really think she is going out on limb when she says, "Your Bulldog loves his treats."? Give me a break!

07.27.2002 - This is my first journal entry. I miss my mommy. She is off taking care of her sick aunt. I am glad that she is such a caring person because I know she would do anything she had to take care of me. On a happier note, yesterday my Ruff Wear K-9 Float Coat arrived. Hopefully soon I will be able to go to the beach and swim with Mommy and Daddy. It is kind of hot today so swimming would be nice, but we have to wait until Mommy comes back. Maybe tomorrow. I am feeling kinda sleepy anyway...