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Goliath Says:
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Goliath's Videos

Sumo Akebono watches Goliath's TGBU video

These video files are large and will take a while download over a telephone line connection. If you would like to view them, please be patient. Click on the link for the video you would like to see and it will open in a new window.

TGBU - TGBU? Better check the movie out to find out! (1.76MB)

Goliath Lord of the Backyard - video clip of Goliath showing that he is the boss! (705KB)

Goliath, International Bulldog of Mystery - short video clip of Goliath's first experience with soap bubbles (846KB)

Goliath's 1st Swimming Lesson - short video clip of Goliath's first time swimming (596KB)