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Canine Artificial Respiration

Rember that you should only perform artificial respiration if your Bulldog has stopped breathing. To do this look at your Bullie's gums. If they are pink, you can be relatively certain that oxygen is present in the bloodstream. If the gums appear blue or white, he is not getting enough oxygen and artificial respiration may be needed. Obviously with Bulldogs it is usually quite apparent if they are breathing.

To give your Bulldog artificial respiration, follow these steps:

  1. Lay your Bulldog on his side and make sure there is no debris in his nose and mouth.
  2. Gently pull his tongue forward.
  3. Close his mouth and adjust his head so that his neck and head are in a straight line.
  4. Place your mouth over his nose and blow - you should see his chest expand.
  5. Remove your mouth. Your Bullie's lungs should deflate.

Repeat this process 10 to 20 times per minute until he begins breathing on his own. Get emergency veterinary assistance as soon as you can!

Note: This document is provided for information purposes only. Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain does not guarantee the veracity of this information. Under no circumstances should this information replace the advice of your verterinarian.