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Bloat in Bulldogs

What is bloat?
Bloat is the filling of the stomach with air. This is known as Gastric Dilation.

What are the warning signs of bloat?
The are several signs that you should be aware of:

My Bulldog is able to burp or vomit. Is that a good sign?
Yes. If she is able to burp or vomit you can usually rest assured that the stomach is not twisted and your Bulldog may simply be sufferring from a minor case of bloat. It is still be a good idea to contact your vet to let them know that your Bullie has a case of bloat and seek their advice. If you are at all unsure, contact your veterinarian immeditately.

Is Bloat the same as Gastric Torsion?
Not exactly. In some cases the stomach actually twists along its axis. If the stomach twists, it is a very serious and life-threatening condition as the blood supply to the stomach and spleen suffers strangulation. This condition is known as Gastric Torsion.

What are the signs of Gastiric Torsion?
In addition to the signs of gastric dilation listed above, Gastric Torsion may result in the following:

Do not delay if your Bulldog exhibits the signs above - RUSH HIM OR HER TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!

How can I prevent this from happening to my Bulldog?
It is recommended that instead of a single large meal, that you feed several small meals per day. 2 smaller meals - one in the morning and one at night - is a good rule of thumb. Is is also a good idea to keep your Bulldog quiet and inactive for at least 2 hours after he eats. This will allow for proper digestion.

Because dry kibble expands in water it is suggested that you limit your Bullie's water intake immediately after eating, especially if you are feeding larger meals.

Note: This document is provided for information purposes only. Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain does not guarantee the veracity of this information. Under no circumstances should this information replace the advice of your verterinarian.