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Diarrhea in Bulldogs is a common occurrence. In most cases, the cause is the ingestion of something not in your Bullie's normal diet. Also when changing from one type of food to another diarrhea may occur. For more information about changing foods see this article.

Usually diarrhea, when not accompanied by vomiting and fever, can be treated successfully at home. The main concern with diarrhea is dehydration. Excessively watery diarrhea can be very serious if your Bulldog is not taking in enough fluids. In this case, seek veterinary help right away.

If the diarrhea episodes are not frequent and are not watery, you can usually manage the problem in the following manner:

Note: This document is provided for information purposes only. Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain does not guarantee the veracity of this information. Under no circumstances should this information replace the advice of your verterinarian.