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Tear Stains

As Bulldog owners one of the things that can be a constant battle, especially with white haired Bullies, is tear stains. These often occur in folds starting at the inside corner of the eye. While unsightly (is this possible with a Bulldog?) they don't pose any threat to the health of your Bulldog.

Tear Stain
Goliath had tear stains that were cleared
using hydrogen peroxide.

What can be done to get rid of tear stains?
The easiest remedy for tear stains is hydrogen peroxide. Simply make it a part of your Bullie's daily cleaning routine. Use a cottonball and apply a small amount to the stained area being careful not to get any in your Bullie's eyes. Allow the peroxide to remain for about 10 seconds and then use a second cottonball to wipe up the excess.

You may wish to follow up with a bit of baby diaper rash ointment such as Desitin. This will keep the area dry. After doing this daily for a short period of time, the tear stains will be gone. Even when the stains are no longer visible it is still a good idea to continue using the hydrogen peroxide at least a couple of times per week to prevent them from returning.