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. . . that Bulldogs were the 13th most registered breed (with the AKC) in 2005? There were 20,556 Bulldogs registered that year.

Tooth Care

Periodontal disease is a common disease in our dogs. Fortunately it is preventable and treatable. Proper diet (crunchy foods), chew treats and toys, along with tooth brushing at least twice per week can go a long way toward preventing dental disease in our Bulldogs. Taking an active role in the care of your dog's dental care will help reduce dental disease, bad breath and potential life threatening heart and kidney disease. The guide will show you how to brush your Bullie's teeth.

Start brushing your Bulldog's teeth early when she is a puppy. With older and rescues who have not had previous dental care, you should start immediately after a professional cleaning.

What you will need
You will need a soft-bristled tooth brush and pet safe toothpaste. Human toothpastes and baking soda may cause problems as it is virtually impossible to keep your Bulldog from swallowing the paste. Pet safe toothpastes are edibledog toothbrush and tootpaste and are available in flavors that are appealing to dogs. A bristled toothbrush is imporant so that you can get below the gum line when brushing.

Where to brush
Periodontal disease most often affects the upper back teeth first. Plaque builds up on the tooth surface daily, especially just under the gum line. It takes less than 36 hours for this plaque to become mineralized and harden into "tartar" (calculus) that cannot be removed with a brush. Because of this, we recommend that you try to brush your Bullie's teeth daily. Make this a part of your daily routine just like cleaning wrinkles for example. If this it not possible, make it a point to brush at least every 3 days or so. Providing hard chew toys and toys designed to keep teeth clean will help with this.

Pick a time of day that will become a convenient part of your pet's daily routine. Just before a walk or before a daily treat can help your pet actually look forward to brushing time. Take a few days to let both of you get use to the process. Follow with praise and a walk or treat each time. The key to success is to make it fun and rewarding for your Bullie. In many cases, the flavor of the toothpaste itself may be enough - though this can also make it more difficult to brush as your Bulldog will be more interested in eating it than in letting you brush her teeth!

Start by offering your dog a taste of the toothpaste. The next time, let her taste the toothpaste, then run your finger along the gums of the upper teeth. Repeat the process with the tooth brush. Get the bristles of the brush along the gum line of the upper back teeth and angle slightly up, so the bristles get under the gum line. Work from back to front, making small circles along the gum lines.

It will probably take less than a minute to brush the teeth. Concentrate on the outside of the upper teeth. Eventually you should be able to work up to brushing most or all of her teeth.

Professional Care
A Bulldog may need an occasional professional cleaning. By brushing your pet's teeth daily you can reduce periodontal disease and the frequency with which your Bulldog needs professional dental cleanings. Your Bulldog will be put under anesthesia for this process.

Note: This document is provided for information purposes only. Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain does not guarantee the veracity of this information. Under no circumstances should this information replace the advice of your verterinarian.