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Puppy's First Day

Now that you have decided to be owned by a Bulldog, here is a description of what your first night may be like.

Make sure you and the other family members decide and agree on a routine, responsibility and rules. Decide who is responsible for feeding and cleaning up after your new additon.

This little nervous, shy, confused, scared dog has been abruptly taken away form its mother and siblings. This poor little creature is unable to do for itself and must rely on you for all of its care (except going potty which they do just fine on their own, thank you). In addition, from the puppy’s point of view, it has just been snatched from its pack, familiar smells and sounds, and has been dropped into the middle of a stranger's house.

Don't panic this step is easier than you might think, but remember what you do today will decide how you and your new family member will get along, in the years to come.

If you do not plan to crate your Bulldog then you must have a spot they can call their own. A child gated bathroom or kitchen, or even a nice laundry room will d do just fine. You may not think this is necessity but dogs, being descendants of wolves, need a den - a place they feel warm and safe. Your dog will thank you in the long run, for giving him his own space.

Many owners use crates and keep the door open while at home with their Bullies. It is a safe place and your Bulldog will know that nothing can hurt him if he is in his bedroom.

Bringing Your New Puppy Home
You've picked your new friend up from your breeder and you're on your way home. Make sure your puppy has a safe ride home. If you have a truck never travel with your dog in the back of the open bed. If at all possible get a dog seatbelt you can get them from any pet store, this may not go over so well in the beginning, but it is the best way to travel for you and your animal. Another good option is use a small travel crate.

When you arrive at home make sure that you have a lead, harness or leash on your baby. It maybe easier this first time to just pick him up and carry him into his new home.

Introducing Puppy to Other Family Members
If you have other pets you will need to introduce your new puppy to these other members of the family in a safe way. The key is to take your time. If you have more than one other animal already in your home, introduce the puppy to one at a time. This way you do not overwhelm your new arrival. Let your new puppy and your other pets sniff and inspect each other. They may growl and bark at first - this is normal.

Act normal towards and don't neglect your other pets. Never leave your new puppy unsupervised with any of your older pets until you’re sure they all get along well.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, let your existing pets know that they are still an important part of the family and that the new puppy isnt a replacement for them. We recommend that you spend time alone with each pet.

Puppy's First Night
Stop playtime at least ½-hour before bed time. No one sleeps the first night, so if possible arrange to pick up your puppy on a weekend.

Make sure that you have taken your puppy out to potty before bedtime. Remember to praise and give a treat when they do their business outside or other designated area. Try and get him on a routine for feeding and bathroom time.

Your new puppy WILL whine when you leave him in his crate or or designated sleeping area for the first time (unless you will be letting your puppy sleep on your bed - not recommended). No matter how much he whines, remember you're doing this for his own good. Don’t get up and put the puppy in your bed, you are doing no one any good by having him sleep with you.

This teaches him that whining is a means to get what he wants ( Puppy wins ). The next night will be even worse, so be consistent. You are not only allowing yourself space, but your Bulldog needs to have his space also. Remember security and routines are the puppy's only way of figuring out how your family works. Plus you are teaching him to respect you. Don't forget that you are Alpha and they are to do what you want, not the other way around.

If the puppy will not settle down, you may try a soft radio or even a dog heating pad with stuffed animals around. There is a toy for the babies that has a heartbeat sound to help soothe your puppy. As a last resort, move the crate into the bedroom with you so that he can hear you or see you. Keep in mind that this is the first time he has been away from his mother, brothers and sisters, and he may be confused and frightened.

After a few nights he will adjust. And you and your family will finally get some sleep.

Good luck on your new arrival!