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. . . that you have your Bullie microchipped. It is an excellent technology. Read more about it here.

Owning a Bulldog

Am I ready to own a Bulldog?

Deciding whether or not to become "owned" by a Bulldog is a major decision, not to be taken lightly. While they are undoubtly the greatest dogs in the world ;-) they are not for everyone. Below you will find a checklist of the major physical needs that must be met before you should even consider getting a Bulldog:

No swimming pools. Some Bulldogs can swim but many can't and due to their short noses are susceptible to drowning.

Everyone in the household must be excited about the Bulldog. Bulldogs need a lot of attention and all family members should be expected to contribute.

Bulldogs must be "house dogs". They have trouble with temperature extremes (especially heat) and fluctuations in temperature as well. Not to mention the breeds need for human interaction. It would be cruel and wrong to leave a Bulldog isolated in a kennel all day.

Bulldogs should have a fenced in yard. Bulldogs being the people dogs that they are, would happily follow a child down the block or jump into a car with a total stranger.

If children are a part of the household (Bulldogs are great with kids) they should not be responsible for the care of the Bulldog. Bulldogs have distinct and very special care needs that many other breeds do not. It is not fair to expect a child to remember to provide this care.

If breeding Bulldogs is the reason for getting your Bulldog, please, please, please think twice about your decision. Breeding Bulldogs is not the goldmine many assume that it is. There are many "hidden" costs and most breeders are in it because they love the breed, not to become rich.

If the above needs can be met, you are on your way to being owned by a Bullie. It is a good idea to learn as much about the breed before your bring him/her home for the first time.