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Bulldog Rescue

Bulldog rescue is serious business. There are so many wonderful Bullies out there living in terrible conditions. As Bulldogs lovers we owe it to them to do what we can to provide them with an opportunity to find a forever home where they can live their lives as a Bulldog should.


We've compiled list of frequently asked questions concerning Bulldog Rescue.

Why are there so many Bullies in need?
This is a very difficult question to answer. Since you are visiting this site, you are no doubt a Bulldog lover so it is probably hard to imagine that there are people who mistreat Bullies.

Unfortunately, Bulldogs command a high sale price. This has resulted in the proliferation of many backyard breeders who are in the business soley for the money. These "breeders" often keep numerous males and females for the sole purpose of breeding. The lives of these poor animals consists of spending time in a crate and are vary rarely allowed out and they certainly are not played with or loved.

Inexperienced or unprepared owners often give up their Bulldog when the time and cost to care for them become too much.

What can I do?

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There are many ways to help Bullies in need. One of the easiest is to donate money to various Bulldog rescue groups. Check out our links page for links.

You can also participate in our rescue fund raising efforts through our Gbay auctions. Click for more information.

By bidding and purchasing items auctioned on eBay by Buddies Thru Bullies you can directly supported this wonderful rescue group. For more information, click here.

Should I adopt a rescued Bulldog?
First off, be sure that a Bulldog is what you really want and that you are able to commit to taking care of for life. Bulldogs have their own health problems that can be very costly to take care of. Some of these health problems are lifelong problems that have to be dealt with daily. These problems can be allergies (either food, skin, or inhalent), eye problems, leg and joint problems, skin problems, etc. Do your research before making the commitment!

When considering a rescued Bullie, it is important to realize that you will most likely not be getting a puppy. It is not very often that puppies are available to rescue organizations. Most often, the rescued dogs are the ones that have outgrown their cute puppy phase and are now adults with health problems. Rescue organizations will get the dog in the best health possible. They usually do this at a monetary loss. These dogs may have had heartworms that the rescue has treated them for. They may need eye drops several times daily, allergy shots, special diets, etc. They may also just be older dogs that their family no longer wants (or is able) to care for anymore. Do not go to a rescue organization looking for an unaltered dog. All of their dogs have been spayed/neutered before being made available for adoption.

Our links page features several Bulldog specific rescue organization you may want to consider. In addition, you can locate a rescue by going to a search engine and typing in bulldog rescue. If you want to be more specific, you can type in your location (city, state) and bulldog rescue. Another way to locate available dogs is to use a site such as

Recent Rescue Discussion
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